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For centuries, people have used herbs and spices in their food to not only enhance flavour, but also the aroma and colour. They are the perfect ingredients to vastly increase the taste of dishes without adding extra fats or calories. With such a huge variety of spices, herbs, salts and blends to choose from, you’re sure to always have something new to try, and plenty to experiment with!

Herbs and Spices also have uses in medicine, therapies and remedies, some of which are traditional, some backed by science. Many have anti-oxidant or anti-inflammatory properties, and some suggest they may even help prevent some cancers. Here at the Spice Cupboard, we’re all about the flavour and how we can enhance food, but the research into the medical uses of herbs and spices is fascinating, if a bit of a rabbit hole! There is so much information and counter information about that it can be difficult to decipher what is correct. This is why the only thing we’ll say for sure is that our herbs and spices taste great!!

Sourcing Herbs and Spices

When it comes to quality, we insist on only the best we can get. We work with UK suppliers to source the highest grade products we can and we test them regularly in our own recipes. What we have found time and again is that our products are stronger in flavours and aromas than many commercially available, mass produced products. When herbs and spices have the ability to transform your food, why wouldn’t you want the best you can get?

Every product on our site states the country of origin with a map to easily see where it comes from. Blends such as curry powders, seasonings and herb mixes are the product of many countries, but are blended in the UK. We try to include as much relevant information as we can to inform you of exactly what you’re getting.

Who are the people behind the Spice Cupboard?

We are a small, close knit group that have got together to try and bring our passion for flavour to the UK. We know that herbs and spices are in key in making many amazing dishes from around the world and believe everyone should take the trip of culinary discovery! We want to help as many people on the way, so started up in 2022 to do just that. Like many businesses, we have started online, but hope to one day have a high street shop somewhere.

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We want you to be happy with the products you buy from us, and if you want extra information beyond what is on our site, we’ll do our best to answer your questions. We have access to plenty of details, but occasionally we may need to talk to our supplier, which may take a little more time.

Simply contact our team today for all your needs regarding the products on our site and we will be happy to help.